10 Hair Myths Debunked


MYTH #1: Cutting hair will make it grow faster/thicker - FALSE!

Unfortunately, hair growth rate is determined by your body and isn`t something that can be altered by cutting. Hair typically grows at a rate of about 1.5 cm a month. Although cutting won`t make your hair grow any faster or thicker, there are lots of ways to fake having longer, fuller hair by adding volume with different products. Split and frayed ends make your hair look damaged and thinner, so by cutting those split ends off, hair automatically looks fuller and healthier.

MYTH #2: The more you brush your hair the healthier it will be - FALSE!

Brushing your hair can distribute your natural oils throughout to keep it healthy and shiny but more isn’t always better. There isn’t any value in brushing your hair once it’s been de-knotted and over brushing can actually damage your hair’s cuticle.

MYTH #3: Colour-treated hair is unhealthy - DEPENDS!

While bleach and removing colour from your hair makes each strand thinner and more prone to breakage, adding colour actually expands your strands making the hair look thicker. The health of your hair will remain in tact provided you’re going darker, not lighter.

MYTH #4: You can’t dye your hair when you’re pregnant - FALSE!

The main concern when dying your hair during pregnancy is some of the risks that are associated with inhaling high levels of ammonia. However, the levels of ammonia are so low that this shouldn`t be a concern, especially if you’re going to a salon with a well ventilated area. I would avoid attempting this yourself in your bathroom alone.

MYTH #5: Air-drying your hair is healthier than blow-drying - DEBATABLE!

An Annals of Dermatology study compared blow-dried hair to air-dried and found that blow-drying causes immediate damage to the hairs surface. However, researchers say that air drying can create damage deeper within the strand`s interior which swells when exposed to water for extended periods of time. This could possibly cause more damage than blow-drying. Opt for a low temperature setting and move the dryer often to avoid concentrated heating.

MYTH #6: Men inherit baldness from their mother’s side of the family - FALSE!

Men’s baldness has long been associated with being linked to the X chromosome and that the rate of baldness can be determined by how much hair your mother`s father has lost. However, this is not true because hair loss is attributed to multiple genes, not just the X chromosome.

MYTH #7: Frequent shampoos lead to an oily scalp - FALSE!

Again, this myth comes down to biology. The Sebaceous gland in the hair roots regulate how much sebum is produced and sebum production depends on the person’s skin type and age. No amount of shampooing will change the sebum output of your body.

MYTH #8: Stress Causes Hair Loss - TRUE!

On average, people lose about 50-80 hairs everyday and replace them. Stress can influence the balance between hair loss and regrowth in favour of excess hair loss.

MYTH #9: Wearing tight ponytails or buns causes baldness - TRUE!

Pulling hair into tight hairstyles can cause hair loss over time. The official name is traction alopecia so make sure to opt for looser styles to keep your strands from falling out.

MYTH #10: If you have greasy hair you should skip conditioner - FALSE!

Greasy hair is not caused by over-conditioning. Instead it is caused by your natural sebum production and can`t be changed through hair care products. For greasy hair, use a clarifying shampoo and only use a conditioner on your ends to reduce sebum build up.

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