How To Protect Your Hair From The Sun

Today we’re introducing you to Aveda’s Sun Care Line designed to protect hair from the harmful effects of the sun’s UVA/UVB rays. The sun’s harsh rays can damage the cuticle which causes discolouration, dryness, brittleness, broken or split ends, thinning, and frizziness. Damaged hair is also hard to work with and won’t hold curl or style very well. If you’re hair is fine or light-coloured it is particularly vulnerable. Here are 3 Aveda hair care products to protect your hair this summer:

Protective Hair Veil

The Protective Hair Veil is a lightweight, water-resistant UV defense mist that forms an invisible screen to help protect hair from sun exposure to minimize damage and dryness. Think of it as sunscreen for your hair. The UVA/UVB filters are derived from wintergreen and cinnamon bark oils. The product contains Aveda’s own pure-fume aroma with certified organic neroli, ylang ylang, cistus and other pure flower and plant essences. To use, spray evenly on dry or damp hair before and during sun exposure. Start with a small amount and layer sa needed. Make sure to re-apply after swimming!

Hair & Body Cleanser

The Hair and Body Cleanser is a colour-safe formula with a corn-derived chelator that gently removes chlorine, salt, and product residue. Tamanu oil and organic coconut oil help to maintain the moisture balance. The formula also contains green tea, certified organic sunflower oil and vitamin E. To use, apply on wet hair and body and work into a creamy and rinse. Use daily or whenever hair is exposed to the sun, salt, or chlorine.

After-Sun Hair Masque

The After-Sun Hair Masque is an after-sun formula with morikue protein. Tamanu oil and certified organic coconut oil moisturize sun-exposed hair. This product also contains Aveda’s pure-fume aroma. Use the masque after shampooing with the sun care hair and body cleanse and then apply evenly to damp hair at the roots and ends. Leave in for about 2-5 minutes and rinse thoroughly. This product can be used weekly or whenever hair is exposed to sun, salt, and chlorine.

Just a friendly reminder that all Aveda products are manufactured using 100% wind power, there packaging is made from recycled materials, and the brand is cruelty free!

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