What Hair Colour To Choose Based On Your Skin Tone

It’s important to consider your skin tone, eye colour, and natural hair colour when choosing a new colour. Choosing a flattering colour can make all the difference to your overall look. Are you a winter, spring, summer, or autumn? Should you go something ash toned or for something with a warm or golden base? Make sure you never choose one that is unflattering or washes you out again with our simple guide!

There are 4 skin tones: winter, spring, autumn, and summer. Winters and Springs are cool skin tones while Autumn and Summer are warm. The first step in choosing a flattering hair colour is determining your skin tone.


Winter’s generally have lighter, fair skin that is usually light for your ethnicity. You will have pink undertones to your skin and will typically have a jewel toned eye colour such as blue, green, emerald, dark blue, or black/brown eyes. Winter’s do not tan easily and are born with black or darker hair. It’s most likely that you have a harsh contrast between your

natural hair, eye colour, and face. Anything with a blue, violet-red, or violet base will flatter your skin tone most. Try out jewel toned hair, white platinum blonde, or very dark brown and black. If you have green eyes, try out something with a violet-red base to make yours eyes really pop! Avoid anything with golden or warm undertones including golden, caramel or honey blondes and copper red.


Spring skin tones have fair skin with either a pink or yellow undertone. Eye colour is flexible but generally on the lighter side. If you have super dark brown or blue eyes then you are definitely not a spring. Spring’s tan easier than winter but not as easily as the warmer seasons. If you are a spring, it’s most likely you were born with ash-dishwater or super light blonde. Go for something with a violet, blue or green base. Light, icy, ash, and platinum blondes will all look stunning on you. If you’d rather go darker then try out an ash brown colour. Make sure to avoid anything with an orange or golden base. No honey blondes or golden browns!


With Autumn’s, think of the warm, golden colours in the fall. Autumn’s have brown and hazel eyes. Their skin tans easily and have an olive based skin tone. You can be fair and an autumn but you will still have an olive base. Try something with an orange base or a red undertone. Rich auburn's, copper, caramel, chocolate, golden browns or warm beige, honey, and golden blondes will suit you best. Avoid platinum blonde, ash brown or anything with a blue, green, or violet undertone.


Summer’s have golden olive skin and tan very easily. Eye colour is flexible but they usually have hazel eyes. Go for something with an orange or yellow base. Rich golden, honey, butter

platinum, and champagne blondes, light caramel brown, and toffee are all extremely flattering. Avoid anything ashy or with a blue-green base. Black is also not a recommended colour for this skin tone.

Another important thing to consider when choosing a new hair colour is how much time and money you’re willing to invest in your hair. If you’re going dramatically lighter or darker, prepare for monthly trips to the salon for root touch ups. If the desired shade is dramatically lighter than your current hair colour, prepare for your hair to be damaged and need special care in order to maintain tone and return moisture to your hair. Ombre or balayage is great if your want to go blonde but have dark hair and don’t want to spend as much time in the salon for touch ups.

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